The Eatonton Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is a City Council appointed body that is charged with carrying out the duties as specified in city ordinance Chapter 42, Historical Preservation.
click here for link to current ordinances and scroll down to Chapter 42.

Design Reviews are held every 2nd Monday of the month IF applications for Certificates of Appropriateness ( COA) have been submitted.
Residents in the locally designated Historic Area ( Plaza District) are required to submit an application for approval regarding any external significant changes to their property to the HPC PRIOR to making such changes using the Certificate of Appropriateness form, at least 10 days prior to the next scheduled meeting.
The Plaza District map can be accessed here under  Procedures for COA.
The application form for a COA can be found under Procedures for COA..

In addition to Design Reviews, the HPC is charged with other duties such as education, awareness campaigns, designating local districts.

For information call a commission member:

Lyn Hendren/Romine 706-473-2778
Larry Folk 703-835-6617
Colby Hunter 404-323-8738
Shelagh Fagan 404-626-8252
Nancy Marshall 706-485-6442

Forms for COA applications can be found on this web site under Procedures for COA or at City Hall ( 201 N Jefferson Ave).
Once completed, forms need to be dropped off at City Hall where they are held for HPC pickup.