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History of Preservation Efforts

1975. A large section of Eatonton placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
1991. UGA produced a Preservation Study identifying 7 prospective local districts. Of these 4 have lost significant structures and are no longer eligible.
1988. Historic Ordinance passed by Eatonton City Council. Allowed for formation of a Commission and local districts.
2000. Initial attempts to write guidelines.
2002. Historic Preservation Commission formed by City Council.
2004. The first local district was defined ( approx. 350 structures). Public meetings were held, and draft guidelines produced. A survey was performed to measure level of public support.
2005. Based upon public input, workshops were held to allow input into guidelines.
2006 ( Nov) Local district presented to City Council and voted down unanimously.
2006 ( Dec) City Council advised starting with a smaller district where support was highest.
2007. Work took place to define the Plaza District, a primarily residential area of about 72 properties.
2008 ( Jan) City Council voted to approve the Plaza District.
2012. Historic Preservation Commission hired a consultant to perform an Historic Resource Survey; in process of  being loaded to the state database (GHNARGIS).
2013. Eatonton Main Street produced plaques and accompanying brochure to identify history of downtown buildings. A similar “walking tour” brochure was produced earlier covering the residential areas. Both are available at the Chamber of Commerce. Click here for directions to Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce.

2015. The HPC made significant changes to the preservation ordinance see Summary of changes to ordinance document for overview. These changes are currently being reviewed- see Current News.