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This page contains agendas, minutes, COA’s, letters etc from HPC Meetings, both Design Reviews and Administrative FROM 2016 onwards. All documents prior to 2016 are stored both electronically and in paper form at CITY HALL ( 201 N Jefferson Ave, Eatonton, GA 31024). If you require to see these documents prior to 2016 you may submit an open records request to City Hall. Please note that until 2015, COA’s were not scanned so only paper records of the actual COA applications exist.

For records from January 2016 onwards, you may download & print  documents from this page.


Agenda HPC Jan11th,2016

Agenda HPC Jan 11th,2016_with actions

Minutes HPC Jan 11th,2016

MARCH 2016

Agenda HPC Mar 14th,2016

Minutes HPC Mar 14th, 2016

JUNE 2016

Agenda HPC Jun 13th,2016

Minutes HPC Jun 13th, 2016

JULY 2016

Agenda HPC Jul 18th,2016

Minutes HPC Jul 18th,2016


Agenda HPC Sept 12th,2016

Agenda HPC Sept 12th,2016_with actions

COA2016-001_Page1   COA2016_001_Page2

Minutes HPC Sept 12th, 2016


Agenda HPC Oct 10th,2016

Minutes HPC Oct 10th,016


Agenda HPC Nov 14th,2016

Minutes HPC Nov 14th,2016