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To apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness ( COA) use this form. COA APPLICATION FORM.

Download the form, fill it in and then take it to City Hall ( 201 N Jefferson Ave) or you may give it to a member of the current Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). Be sure to read the section specifying additional information you may need to submit. Forms need to be delivered to City Hall or to an HPC member AT LEAST 10 days prior to the next Design Review meeting. However, the HPC does recognize when timing is important and will usually work with applicants on form submission deadlines.

You only need a COA if your building is in the Plaza Historic District and the proposed change is “material” as opposed to just maintenance. The following document lists changes that are “material changes” versus “maintenance”. Material Change versus Maintenance.


The procedure to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) is detailed in the following chart.

COA Procedure Chart.