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  1. 201 Madison Ave ( known as the old Blackwell House).  The HPC ,working with the City Marshal, took the property owner to court in 2015 for failure to maintain a historic property. This resulted in removal of the front columns ( precariously balanced from a caved in porch roof) and installation of a porch deck. The columns were safely stored in a rear garage and could be restored and reinstated at a later date. Since then, the HPC has observed a bad leak from the roof which has resulted in a hole in the upper floor and serious damage to the lower hallway floor. A letter was written on Jan 14th 2016 notifying the owner of the leak and of the window and rear porch apertures that are open to the elements. The deadline to fix all this was March 1st 2016. The HPC is also in conversation with the Real Estate agent and the Georgia Trust in order to find an owner that will purchase this property and bring it up to its former glory. Reportedly the owner has had reasonable offers which he has declined. On March 11th 2016, the HPC asked the City  Marshal to contact the owner in terms of being taken back to court. As of May 2017, there are rumors that the owner is considering reasonable offers.
  2. Architectural wall at Plaza Arts Center. Ms.  Lyn Hendren, a member of the HPC, is currently working on a display of architectural types and styles to be exhibited along a wall at the Plaza Arts Center. This display will help bring awareness to the general public of the wonderful historic architecture in Eatonton. This project is currently on hold.
  3. Rewrite of Historic Preservation Ordinance. In February 2015, the HPC made significant and many changes  to the Historical Preservation Ordinance ( Chapter 42). After internal HPC review it was passed to the city attorney, the Planning & Zoning Councilwoman and the City Administrator. The Planning/Zoning subcommittee met in 2015 and had discussions. Since then no action has been taken to move it forward. Various election and other matters appear to have distracted council from this agenda item as well as the HPC chair being out of the country for 2 months. Most of the changes were passed in April 2017. A link to the new ordinance will be placed here soon.
  4. Historic District Street Sign Topper Installed August 2016- Article for PaperHPC and new Plaza District signs