HPC Meetings

HPC meeting agendas for 2017 are listed below. The normal schedule is the second Monday of each month at 7 pm at the Plaza Arts Center. However if there are no COA applications, meetings are often canceled. In a few cases the date and time are changed. Additional photographs will be added to applications here if necessary but will be deleted after review. For prior year agendas and minutes, please see the “archive” page under “Other Information”

January 9th 2017 Cancelled

February 13th 7 pm Plaza Arts Center

Agenda- Feb_13-2017

March13th  5 pm Plaza Arts Center ( note time change)

Agenda with Actions- HPC Mar. 13, 2017

April 10th  7pm Plaza Arts Center 2017

Agenda- HPC-Apr. 10, 2017

May 8th 7pm Plaza Arts Center 2017

Agenda- HPC- May 8 ,2017

June 12th 7pm Plaza Arts Center 2017

Agenda HPC June 12th,2017

July 10th 7pm Plaza Arts Center2017


July 24th 6 pm Eatonton Public Library   2017


August 14th 7pm Plaza Arts Center 2017


September 13th- 6 pm Eatonton Public Library 2017


October 9th 6:00pm Eatonton Public Library 2017

Agenda-HPC-October- 9-2017